The Quick Safe No Sanding Solution to Beautifully Refinished Hardwood Floors. Servicing Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia; D.C. Metro Area

ZM Carpet Cleaning® Washington DC METRO AREA provides residents and commercial carpet cleaning service at there’s locations with fast, clean and environmentally with safe solutions. carpets need a really hot water to insured all bacterial are out of your carpet fabrics,  steam cleaning are the major process to perform a carpet cleaning in dc, the second step is using the best chemicals method cleaning products. we believes in deep cleaning solutions for long terms cleaning foot, for kinds and adult as well.

Surface at home, office, apt and commercial facilities are combinations of carpet, tile, marble and hardwood floors. all of the mentions before we servicing, fully handling for cleaning, polishing, installation etc.

Our share company are there to help us if customers requested hardwood floors services in dc, top trusted flooring company in Washington, dc.  hardwood floors refinishing washington dc and cleaning Washington dc. We provide safe cleaning hardwood floor result, with our polish service we insured your floors surface can turned into a great and safety for years.

Choose Refinishing From ZM®!

  • Fast, affordable and no mess to clean up
  • Your choice of finishes/water base/oil base
  • Quick, clean, certified green technician
  • 110,000+ customers serviced
  • 10 years of experience
  • Non-toxic – child and pet safe process
  • Any job size area welcome
  • Most jobs completed within just 2 to nine hours

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Washington DC:

The ZM® Master Hardwood Floors Nationwide service uses a high-speed buffer machine along with our proprietary non-toxic solutions to prepare your hardwood floors. Our unique wet process keeps dirt and dust out of the air. We then seal your floor with multiple coats of our patented, quick drying sealers and finishes. You can walk on your newly finished floors within a few hours after service is completed, and furniture can be set right back in the rooms and area that was. Hardwood floor buffing and polishing is most effective process to restore a hardwood surface, saving time, money and many years to come, bring shiny, removal marks, fixing discoloration, solid hardwood floors gives you the ability to sand down up to 8 times.

Satisfaction Guaranteed for hardwood floors refinishing Washington, DC.

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“ZM Carpet Cleaning DC® made it “Painless” It was one of the best experience I have hiring someone to do work in my home. Starting from how nice Mary was every time I called. To the prompt arrival of John & Wayne. The very best part is that they came at 9 am and process hardwood floors refinishing washington dc finished at 4 pm. The bonus is I have new beautiful floors.” – danny, dc.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for 15 years ZM Carpet Cleaning DC® was one of the best companies I’ve worked with. They were prompt, polite, professional and did a fantastic job! My space is about 3000ft and it was done in one day! Amazing.” – smith, maryland

“ZM carpet cleaning DC® does what is says. It restored the floors in my coop to where they look like they did twenty years ago. There was no dust and no smell. And on top of that, they managed to move furniture around so I did not have to place it in storage. I recommend them.” – Tony D. washington, d.c. מקדמים לך את האתר למקום הראשון.

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ZM® Master Hardwood Floors Nationwide
Washington, D.C. 20007

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